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Spray-applied rigid polyurethane

For most applications the expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam will need to be coated in some manner. If you tried to paint raw EPS foam, it will eat all the paint up. If you tried to use anything with a solvent, such as spray paint, it will dissolve the EPS foam. Finally, uncoated EPS foam is just too fragile for many uses.  Coatings can add structural strength, a solid look and feel to the foam and ultimately beautify the product.

Trimtec Systems has numerous coatings for foam depending on your application.  Please contact us so we can best determine your specific needs.

coated shapes

  • Trimtec Systems Pre-coated Decorative Shapes consist of an expanded polystrene (EPS) core reinforced with a fiber mesh and coated with a multi stage automated coating process.
  • Trimtec Systems Polyurethane Hard Coating Service EPS foam application is coated with a spray-applied rigid polyurethane making the coating paintable.

Design & Estimating

Don't see what you need? Please contact us with your questions to find the best coating solution for your particular application.

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