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A.R. Partners

A.R. Partners


A.R. Partners Complex Form LinerWhen detailed one-of-a-kind cast panels are required, Trimtec Systems is the answer. We can transform most 3-D models into full size, lightweight molds that can be cast as one piece.

The molds can be easily handed in your plant or onsite without the need of heavy equipment.

A.R. Partners Complex Form Liner CAD Design 

The large scale forms allow the concrete to be cast in continuous, seamless fashion minimizing the need for patching and sanding.

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Clif Bar Bakery CGI Rendering

Clif Bar Bakery

Twin Falls, Idaho

Clif Bar & Company, a leading maker of nutritious and organic foods and drinks, celebrated the opening of its first owned and operated bakery, the Clif Bar Baking Company, in Twin Falls, Idaho. With a focus on people and sustainability, the new 275,000-square-foot bakery will help the company meet growing demand for organic energy and nutrition bars.

Clif Bar trademark mountain profileA key design element was to replicate it trademark mountain profile on the top of the tilt-up panels including the snowcap
silhouettes and their logo. By using Trimtec computer-cut EPS foam blockouts, they were able to replicate the exact profile to within 1/16”.

Clif Bar Trademark Mountains 

Trimtec Systems not only provided the shapes in a timely manner, but also provided detailed layout drawings for the installers. 

In the end, there was no other way to feasibly produce these for the cost, timing and ease other than Trimtec Foam.

Clif Bar trademark mountain profile

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Trimtec Systems provided the custom engineered computer cut expanded polystyrene Apollo 11 Command Model Capsule for The Near Space Balloon Club at St. Margaret Regional School.  EPS Foam is perfect for creative school projects and displays like this cause it's lightweight, versatile, energy efficient and most of all cost effective.

Photo of the Apollo 11 Command Model Capsule

The EPS foam Apollo 11 Command Model Capsule has a removable cone top with a department large enough for a GoPro camera and instruments to measure altitude, temperature and humidity of the atmosphere.

CAD design for the Apollo 11 Command Model Capsule

The Near Space Balloon Club at St. Margaret Regional School grades 5 and 6 students launched their balloon and its payload of high-tech instruments nearly 100,000 feet – that’s 18 miles – into the atmosphere on June 20, 2016. 

The Near Space Balloon Club at St. Margaret Regional School grades 5 and 6 students

Read more about their launched on:

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Jackson County Apple Sign

Jackson, Ohio

This project required simple lettering and logo, however only rough sketches were supplied to the contractor.  

Jackson County Apple Sign rough drawing

Jackson County Apple Sign CADTrimtec Systems was able to refine the font by tracing rough drawings to create a finished and approved artwork.

Jackson County Apple Sign CAD

Jackson County Apple Sign

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New Tinkham Veale University Center

Case Western Reserve

New Tinkham Veale University Center

Cleveland, Ohio

The Tinkham Veale University Center is the newest addition to the campus of Case Western Reserve University.

Opened in August 2014, the 82,000-square-foot facility is distinguishable on two levels of a major thoroughfare in Cleveland’s University Circle.

New Tinkham Veale University Center GeoFoamTrimtec Systems engineered geofoam fill was the
solution. Working with the construction manager
and excavating contractor, Trimtec developed a
plan to create the varying grade elevations using
special cut EPS foam fill material which was strong
enough to withstand the weight of heavy
machinery above.

New Tinkham Veale University Center GeoFoam CAD Design 

This project will benefit students for many years and Trimtec Systems is proud to be a part of.

New Tinkham Veale University Center GeoFoam Plans

New Tinkham Veale University Center GeoFoam

New Tinkham Veale University Center GeoFoam

New Tinkham Veale University Center GeoFoam

New Tinkham Veale University Center GeoFoam

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Willamette River Bridge

Willamette River Bridge Towerhead

Portland, Oregon

A vital element of the Portland Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project is a new bridge across the Willamette River.  It is a 1,720-foot-long, cast-inplace segmental cable-stayed bridge across the Willamette River.

Willamette River Bridge Towerhead Block OutThe bridge is designed to carry light rail trains, buses, pedestrians, and cyclists, and accommodate the expanding Portland Streetcar System if added in the future. 

In the poured concrete towerheads, voids had to be created to allow the massive cables to connect.  The voids had to be exact to accept the incoming cables without any interference.

Willamette River Bridge Towerhead Block Out CAD Design 

Trimtec generated drawings and produced accurate 3-D, CNC-cut parts to match the project specifications.

Willamette River Bridge Towerhead Block Out CAD Design

Willamette River Bridge Towerhead Block Out

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First Energy Stadium

First Energy Stadium

Cleveland, Ohio

In 2013, Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam announced a modernization project for First Energy Stadium. The 120 million dollar multi-phase project included addition of seating, ramps, ADA access & Sponsorship decks.

First Energy Stadium Void FillUnder an off-season time restrictions, Trimtec Systems was called upon to provide ultra-high density EPS void fill material under the massive concrete pours.  Trimtec supplied highly detailed engineered drawings and the project required over 4,000 pieces of foam, with over 400 individual computer cut parts.

First Energy Stadium plan 

All the parts had to be individually labeled and due to the limited space on the job, they had to be delivered in the sequence that they were to be installed.

Because of the design, many pieces required multiple cuts and almost all required chamfers.  All stairs and ramps had to comply with specific ADA requirements.  

First Energy Stadium Void Fill Stairs

As with any renovation of this size, many unforeseen circumstances often arouse requiring and re-engineering and quick of turnaround of additional foam was required.  Trimtec Systems is proud to be a part of this great project.

First Energy Stadium Void Fill

First Energy Stadium Void Fill

First Energy Stadium Void Fill

First Energy Stadium Void Fill

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BioEnergy Faceted Roofing Formwork

Bioenergy Faceted Roofing Formwork

Bastrop, LA

This project involved a 13 ft. x 13ft. tapered concrete roof sloping to a 10ft. diameter opening in the center. 

BioEnergy Faceted Roofing FormworkOne of the hardest forming jobs is when an irregular concrete roof needs to poured.  This often requires difficult and expensive layout, cutting and shoring of forms. 

Trimtec Systems can precut EPS foam to the exact profile and dimensions required.  The pieces are supplied precut to fit the design exactly and all that is typically required is to lay them out and form around them.

Trimtec not only optimized yields to save money on the project but supplied complex compound parts that were ready to set in place saving the contractor time and money.  

BioEnergy Faceted Roofing Formwork

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Grifols Plaza Bench Seating Plans

Grifols Plaza Bench Seating

Durham, NC

Grifols Plaza Bench Seating CADHere is another curved bench seat form work provided by Trimtec. Trimtec engineering came up with a solution using EPS as form liner for the front while standard forming could be used for the backside of the pour.

See also: Patriot Ridge Plaza

Trimtec Systems delivered smooth radius forms that were both convex and concave with the exact radius that was specified saving the contractor the time and expense of attempting this on the job.  

Grifols Plaza Bench Seating


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Columbus Ohio Scioto Greenways

Scioto Greenways

Columbus, Ohio

The Scioto riverfront has undergone an immense project to create a free-flowing waterway through downtown Columbus, Ohio to attract developers to the west riverbank.

Scioto BoardwalkThis project involved the removal of a dam, restoring the river channel and creating 33 acres of greenway along its riverbanks. For decades the river has stood has a barrier to developers between downtown Columbus and the less developed west side.  This park space will better connect these areas, build on recent park investments, and promote further investment in downtown. 

The focal point on the downtown site is a long concrete boardwalk that overlooks the river. This boardwalk consists of several pilasters of varying sizes, along with two large piers on each end. Trimtec provided a cost effective, hassle-free system for the contractor to cast these on site with lightweight EPS form liners. 

The pilaster used a multiple step form liner with a hard coat to create the necessary reliefs designed by the Architect. However, the piers were over 20’ tall which required the form liner to be supplied in sections. Also, the pier had a large bullnose that had to be created using a CNC router to ensure the accuracy from the drawings to the final product. Trimtec was able to provide sections for this large form liner in a method that was simple for the contractor to understand and reassemble. 

Scioto Greenways Plans

Trimtec was proud to be a part of such a great project in its hometown of Columbus, Ohio. 

Scioto Greenways form liners

Scioto Greenways form liners

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