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CNC Waterjet Cutting

Huntington Solutions operates 2 3-Axis CNC Waterjet Cutting Machines. Our KMT unit uses a translation software to convert 12DXF to NC, and runs using servos to cut a range of about 49.25”x99.5”

Our new addition is the 6’x10’ A&V unit, cutting with 2 heads at 60” or less. This is a stepping unit, with its own translation software and network integration. We’ve upgraded this unit by addition of Hypertherm high-volume cutting heads, opening the range of available cutting diameters. Waterjet cutting is repeatable, reliable, and efficient processing a wide range of material from soft foams to non-tempered steel when operating with garnet.

Our foam is kept class-A surface protecting due to the lack of heat when cutting, and we are able to keep tolerances tight within 1/16” through the sheet.

CNC Waterjet Cutting

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