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Flat Die Cutting

Huntington Solutions runs a Pioneer flat die cutting table with a maximum width of 82” and bed length of 110”, with the option to run the length continuously or at controlled intervals. Most of our corrugated plastics are processed using a flat die, with options including perforated scores, center beveled scoring rule, serrated or center beveled knife, and all at varying widths and heights to suit the application. We typically source laser cut dies, though we have suppliers also for router cut dies for higher volume projects. The dies are sourced locally with a lead time as soon as ‘next week,’ based on complexity and specifications for the type of rule.

We are able to process some XLPE and other foams on the die table as well, although by using the Waterjet we avoid making the edges concave.

We order corrugated plastics to custom sizes to minimize waste from die cutting. The falloff is bailed and recycled.

Flat Die Cutting

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