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Trimtec Systems was able to produce EPS foam form liners with a hard coat that not only created the profile of the bench, but also could be used to ensure the correct layout of the walls.  Trimtec Systems also provided datum lines for locating the center points of all the radius’s required for the project. 

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The focal point on the downtown Columbus is a long concrete boardwalk that overlooks the river. This boardwalk consists of several pilasters of varying sizes, along with two large piers on each end. Trimtec provided a cost effective, hassle-free system for the contractor to cast these on site with lightweight EPS form liners. 

The pilaster used a multiple step form liner with a hard coat to create the necessary reliefs designed by the Architect. However, the piers were over 20’ tall which required the form liner to be supplied in sections. Also, the pier had a large bullnose that had to be created using a CNC router to ensure the accuracy from the drawings to the final product. Trimtec was able to provide sections for this large form liner in a method that was simple for the contractor to understand and reassemble. 

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3D Model Car(13 photos)
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Church Logo(6 photos)
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EPS Foam Car(7 photos)

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